You are seeing a world ...... where many have lived and left ..... and at some point in time ...... returned ....... For here ..... their dreams began ..... and shall ever continue on ..... and on ..... and on ...... wherever they may be......


Spencer Reid

Xavier Blackwood

      Legaspi City, around 550 kms., by road, Southeast of Manila, Philippines, capital of Albay Province, on Luzon Island, a port on Albay Gulf, on to the Pacific Ocean. Legaspi is the center of an important abaca-producing area, and abaca fiber, or Manila hemp, and abaca textiles are produced and exported from here. Legaspi is the site of Aquinas University (1948) and Bicol University (1969). Mayon Volcano, which erupted without warning in February 1993, rises north of the city. In December 1941, during World War II, Legaspi was the debarkation point for Japanese troops invading Luzon. Estimated population in 1999 was 160,501. For More Info please click here.