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Jane and Henry (Friends,Edmundo and Nelson on the right background)

Legaspi Chinese High School Band at Parade for the Karangahan Opening Ceremonies 


Presentation of Banners by the different Basketball Teams for the Annual Tournament


 High School Graduation Night

From left, Jimmy, Nelson, Henry, Edmundo, Jaime, Wilfredo  

Legaspi Technical School Induction Ball for School government Organization 

From left, Mr. Mojilla - Instructor, Henry, Dominador, Domingo, Nelson

CCY (Chinese Catholic Youth) members with Monsignor John Chang at St. Jude Church 

CCY (Chinese Catholic Youth) members with Mother Superior at St. Jude Church


Mini-Reunion '74 in one of the many beautiful beaches in Legaspi City 

Beach strolling from left Emma Aguilar, Lady from Sorsogon, Rosalinda Dolar, Erlinda Uy