Mayon VolcanoAs many of you, Albayanos, who are now living in many different parts of the world like USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia etc.... who are thinking of visiting our very own Albay to see Mayon and of course your families, why not coordinate your visits so that you can avail of discounted prices in hotel, resorts, air fares, accomodations. penaranda parkYes, post your planned visit here so others can communicate with you and get a better deal as a group purchase or arrangement. Alam naman natin na pag Pilipino kailangan may "DISCOUNT" di ba? This is one of the many objectives of, to encourage more visitations to our beloved hometown para naman makatulong tayo kahit papano sa mga naiwan natin sa Bicol, anong say nyo mnga "Uragon."

sky LineMemories of long ago reminisced: The laughter and the joys. The festivities, families and friends. The mischiefs and misadventures. The fresh air, fruits and fishes. The magnificent sights and seashores.

The folks and folklores. The pilinuts, one of the world's rarest nuts found mostly, if not in the Bicol Region. The enchanting pyroclastic nighttime view of Mayon Volcano's eruption, if one is lucky enough to be there when it happens. All healing power to one's body and soul. Especially for those who once were here and had been blessed to experience it in their lifetime.