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Reunion Manila Hotel 2013
Mini-Reunion in 1974 at Legaspi City. Back row from left to right, Nelson Ranola, Roberto Yan, Dominador Uy, Domingo Gosayco, Rudolfo Uy; front row, Rosalinda Dolar, Erlinda Uy, Emma Aguilar, Eden Chan, Violeta De Vera, Lady from Sorsogon.
From left: Jessie Ty, Marichu Kare, Joy Estevez They were the cream of the crop in the social circle in our high school days and original members of the Yearlings Club which influenced some youth groups such as the Sterlings Club in their social activities. They are all alumni of Saint Agnes Academy. Please visit their web site at St. Agnes Academy
Taken atop the water slide of one of Mayon Volcano's many surrounding hot spring resorts. This is a rare souvenir picture of one of the many escapades that the Sterlings Club organized. At the center, Rudolfo Uy was the guitar player of the group. To his right are Nelson Ranola, Manuel Uy, Jaime Chan Jr., and Jessie. To his left are Jimmy Ang, Joseph Ty, Henry Chan, Dominador Uy, and Roberto Yan. The group was singing one of their favorite songs, "The House of The Rising Sun".
Some officers and members of the Sterlings Club. This is one of the many photo shots taken from the top of Legaspi Chinese High School, where the club was founded. One of the original founders of the club was Henry Chan, the vice-president. Nelson Ranola was the president. Seen on the background is part of the foot of Mount Mayon. Standing, from left: Domingo Gosayco (treasurer), Manuel Uy, Benson Chua (secretary-artist), Jimmy Ang, Nelson Ranola, Gil "Jijit" Medel, Henry Chan. Seated, from left: Dominador Uy, Ching Yao "Yawa"
RJ Concert: 2005 SAA Annual Reunion - Legazpi City, Philippines. From left, Cecile Manalac, Mary Ann Pineda, Alexis Munoz, Mila Alvarez, Ramon Jacinto, Bonita Arevalo, Chita Vallejo, Neria Nidea.

Johnson Po with lovely wife. Johnson was one of the active members of the Sterlings Club. He was optimistic, full of hope and ambition.

It's a firezone shop, posed with an officer of FDNY in downtown New York.

Volunteer firefighter in Cebu-Filipino-Chinese Volunteers Fire Brigade, Inc. I joined the organization since June of 1986.

Mark Anthony (right) with Brother Nelson in his home in Missouri

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